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Standard & Retail

Starting on January 1, 2008, our standard like of pre-logo'd golf gloves will be sold under the Reflex Golf name. This new line of gloves will include our Licensed line of College, NFL, NBA, NHL, NBL, PGA/LPGA gloves as well as a new series of 'Alternative' and Styled gloves from inspired designers and market partners such as Tattoo Golf, Toni Betnieski and others. We will also carry a fun line of Humor based gloves for that special 'someone' that needs that perfect jab in the side. As always, we will continue to carry plain, un-logo'd gloves for those that simply love our fit, feel and performance. These gloves are available in our on-line catalog section.



In addition to having access to the EXCLUSIVE and single source for College, Pro Sports, Custom and Alternative styled gloves on the market, a growing number of retailers are beginning to experience the power and profitability of privately branded products. Whether you are a Course or Pro-shop, a Retail Super Store or a small, local Shop, private branding gets your name out on a superior product while burning your brand into the minds and thoughts of your patrons. Did I mention Profitability? Call or write your Rep for details.



A significant portion of our sales each year stems from Private Branding for Events, Tournaments, Charity fundraisers, Product Releases or Corporate and General Marketing endeavors. From Schools to major retailers, LG Gloves are custom built to your specs, with your logos to be used for your promotional and financial gains. Please contact us to acquire gloves for your event, promotional or marketing needs.