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Getting Started!

An overview in building your own privately branded Logo Golf Gloves.

We've been building Logo Golf Gloves for you years and while it's old hat to us, the prospect can be daunting for new Customers. We have put together this page as a resource to help you understand how we work, the process and what to expect at each step along the way.

We will cover:


While we have attempted to cover every aspect of the process, if you have any additional questions, please feel free to use our online submission form to follow up with us or contact your sales rep for answers.


Image Licensing Information

First off, images carry ownership and we must know that you have permission to use the image and grant us rights to reproduce the images. In cases where registered trademarks or officially licensed images are concerned, documentation of those rights bust be presented and extended to Logo Golf Gloves, LLC.


Most of the time, our clients are providing their own, documented logos and artwork so the goal is to simply present your logo as cleanly and perfectly as possible.


Source Files

Your artwork will need to be delivered to LG Gloves in your choice of graphics files saved in a resolution of at least 300 dpi and an image of at least 3 inches wide. This will ensure that while stretching or altering the size of the image to fit the various sizes of gloves, the image will not loose its visual integrity.


We can accept files in the following format:

  • .AI - Adobe Illustrator
  • .BMP - BitMap (NOT recommended)
  • .EPS - Encapsulated Post Script - Vectored Graphic (BEST option)
  • .GIF - Graphics Interchange Format
  • .JPG or .JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group
  • .PCX - Paintbrush Exchange (not recommended)
  • .PDF - Portable Document Format (recommended)
  • .PICT - Macintosh Format
  • .PNG - Portable Network Graphic - Macromedia Fireworks graphic format
  • .PSD - Photoshop Document
  • .PSP - Paint Shot Pro format
  • .SVG - Scalable Vectored Graphics (BEST option)
  • .TGA - Targa - Raster format
  • .TIF or .TIFF - Tag Image File Format
  • .WMF - Windows MetaFile Vector Graphics format (BEST option)

NOTE: file creation and/or conversion is available

It has become more common for customers to provide artwork that needs to be edited, modified or converted in some way as to fit better or look cosmetically better on the Logo Golf Gloves ones they are produced. LG is happy to provide those services at a price approved by the Customer. Time and cost will range from FREE to industry standard depending on the work presented. Remember, our goal is to see your likeness on our gloves. Graphics design in not our profit center nor will it be an obstacle to reaching our goal of complete customer satisfaction.


Conversion, Proof and Production Process

Once the artwork has been submitted in an acceptable format and verified by the customer as being correct, we will convert the image from a graphics file to a stitch file (.DST files) that our machines will use as the guide for transferring the digital graphic to an embroidered image. We will also provide the Customer with a digital mock-up of a completely glove to ensure sizing and location on the glove surface.


We will then stitch a sample onto a swatch of material, scan it in ultra high resolution and provide it to the customer via email so that the customer can see literally every stitch and verify it. The customer will look for errant threads, typos, color alterations or other instances that may be a result of the conversion process. Computers don't always see things the same as a human eye.


Final Approval and Production

We have now verified the graphic on three different steps:

  • Verified the integrity of the initial artwork
  • Verified the converted file in a stitch sample
  • Verified the logo's placement and size requirements on a glove

Now that all three steps have been approved by the Customer, the gloves go into production on the design style, materials choice and color that was previously chosen. Once production begins, all opportunities to modify the logo have been passed and any design flaws discovered from this point forward are the responsibility of the client. The gloves, once embroidered, cannot be recycled, reused or altered. SO BE SURE they are correct.







Selection of LG Glove style, color and materials

Logo Golf Gloves all subscribe to our Patented under wrist enclosure ensuring the maximum available space for logos applied to the back of the glove, but there are options in the color, materials and even the styles of glove produced.


Your sales rep will have shown you a selection of Leathers, both organic and synthetic to choose from as well as a selection of colors for these leathers. In addition, there are various colors and types of lycra and other 'stretch' materials that may be used between fingers or on the back of the hand to provide additional flexible zones to the glove.


Those options, for your review, can be found HERE.


Logo Golf Gloves are not fully assembled until after the embroidery is applied to the top panel of the glove, this step of the process is presented here second but in reality happens in tandem with the artwork production process.








Logo Golf Gloves customers enjoy a variety of payment solutions including terms, letters of credit, financing, credit card, debit card, wire transfer and other forms of payments. The method of payment is up to the customer with credit and financing options considered on case by case basis.


Because of the consumable nature of our product, initial credit to new customers is a minimum of 50% on order, 50% at shipment inclusive of shipping costs.







Production Timelines and Delivery

In general, it takes approximately 3 weeks for production and 1 - 2 weeks for delivery, or a total of 4 - 5 weeks from confirmation of the order to delivery of product. Factors that affect delivery and production scheduling are:

  • Order Size
  • Destination
  • Special Instructions - direct shipping, repackaging, drop shipment, etc.
  • Payments

While expedited delivery is available through many companies. We recommend giving a 6 week lead on any order to cover any unforeseen changes or delays in the shipping cycles. Tournament orders should allow 2 Months lead time as the product is most often redistributed within the event organizer staff. Don't forget about the time that takes. If your order is to fall during any Holiday shipping season, please allow for additional time for shipping delays.







Support during and after the sale

Each and every new Logo Golf Glove wholesale or custom customer is assigned a sales representative to work with them from artwork and production through delivery and hopefully into the years to come.


To that end, we can provide streamlined options for:





Differences between Retail, Wholesale, and Partner Accounts.

With few exceptions, Logo Golf Glove customers fall into the following categories

Retailers / Resellers:

  • Purchase LG products for the express purpose to resell for profit
  • Have a physical or virtual storefront
  • Generally do not purchase custom products, but sell prepackaged, traditionally branded items

    Some examples may include:

    • Big Box Retailers - PGA Superstores, Golf Smith, Walmart
    • Regional Retailers
    • Pro Shops, Private Clubs & Courses
    • Local Retailers
    • Event related sales & kiosks


  • When they do, they are selling to Events or other promotional endeavors as a custom branded product produced by LG and sold direct to their customers.

    Some examples may include:

    • Golf Course Tournament Directors
    • Promotional Market Professionals
    • Logo, Banner and Shirt retailers

Wholesaler Buyers

  • Typically buy for their own marketing or fundraising usage

    Some examples may include:

    • Charity Fundraisers such as the ESGR Support our Troops, Women's Breast Cancer Awareness & the Alanzo Mourning Foundation
    • Schools - College or High Schools for fundraising and team identity
    • Event Organizers - Private and Public Tournaments for tee prizes and/or swag
    • Promotional buyers - Radio Stations, Real Estate Agents, Lenders, Home Builders, etc
    • Product Releases - Cars that come with Glove Boxes, new Golf Products, Rolex watches, New Technologies, etc.
    • Event related sales & kiosks
    • Non-Profit Organizations

Partner Accounts

  • Accounts that co-opt marketing or branding opportunities directly with LG Gloves for mutual benefit
  • Sponsorships or Donations made by LG Gloves to support events, charities and organizations
  • Accounts allowing for shared resources such as the exchange of information, licensing or channels of distribution
  • Promotional Partners
  • Sponsorship Deals - Pro Athletes, Events, etc.

All of these relationships come with special circumstances, pricing, support and calendar concessions. Seeing how LG views these relationships will help you and your company see how you may propose to work with or how to purchase your product more effectively from Logo Golf Gloves, LLC.







Non-Profit Organizations and LG Benevolence

Logo Golf Gloves, LLC helped to raise Thousands of Dollars in 2007 providing Non-Profit organizations with Event Branded Golf Gloves

By supporting charitable events such as the US Army, ESGR "Support Our Troops" Charity Golf Tournament, the Women's Breast Cancer Awareness charity Tournament, the Pregnancy Resource Center and others, Logo Golf Gloves has given these fine organizations a memorable and effective tool to raise funds and awareness for these worthy causes.

1000s of gloves will be donated in 2008. If your non-profit organization is interested in our support, please contact us with your information and we'll be in touch. Keep up the good work and we'll see you on the Links!







Distributor and Partner Relationships

Logo Golf Gloves does currently have local Distributors in place under special agreement. As of late 2007, we are not accepting applications for Independent Distributors and are working to conclude any business outstanding with previously negotiated distributorships. AS the company has grown and Corporate relationships have changed the local marketplaces into Global markets, it seems best to continue our move to manage all our resources, quality control and message "in house" to ensure a quick and consistent service to our collective customers.


We have been privileged to work with some of the greatest independent distributors in the Country and am happy to say that many of them will continue to work with Logo Glove as Resellers from this point forward. We continue to pledge our support and offer our gratitude for your service.


New Partnership relationships are currently being considered for 2008. Relationships are the key to success and we recognize that. To that end, we are pursuing several new relationships with strategic partners in the marketplace to bring our products to new markets and in tandem with new products throughout the sporting world.

Look for new graphics, new logos, new branded partnerships and new applications for Logo Glove that will no longer be restricted solely to the Golf market.


If you or your company would like to propose a strategic partnership, we would love to hear from you. Simply contact us through our Contact Page, present your proposals and let's talk. The future is always bright where bright minds unite for the good of the masses.







Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Logo Golf Gloves customers enjoy a variety of payment solutions including terms, letters of credit, financing, credit card, debit card, wire transfer and other forms of payments. The method of payment is up to the customer with credit and financing options considered on case by case basis.


Because of the consumable nature of our product, initial credit to new customers is a minimum of 50% on order, 50% at shipment inclusive of shipping costs.