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  2. Where can I find ... ?
  3. Why doesn't ... ?
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How do I ... ?

Q. How do I use the Search Feature above?

A. The search feature will search every bit of text on this entire page. So simply put in the word you are looking for ('glove' for instance) and press the 'find in page' button. Each time you click the button a new instance of that work will be highlghted on the pace and take you to it. Simply keep pressing the button until all instances are located and the system will notify you that there are no more instances available. Sometimes, the first instance is not where you may expect it, so if you don't see a highlighted result immediately, press it again until you do.


Q. How do I buy a LG Glove?

A. LG Gloves are now available at Pro-Shops, Retailers and here at the LG Website with a simple click on the products tab, browse the available inventory and follow the online purchasing instructions.


Q. How do I order a Custom Glove?

A. Simply call or write LG with an inquiry. An Account rep will be assigned to your request and we will begin the process. We will need your artwork, your volume and schedule and any other pertinent information. We will then begin the process of converting your logo to a stitch file, getting your phsycial approval at each step of the process to ensure the artwork is exactly how you want it. Once artwork is completed and approved, production begins and your new gloves will show at your door in roughly 30 days.


Q. How do I submit my Artwork?

A. Via Email or other form of digital media. All artwork must be at least 300 dpi to be considered. Vectored graphics are best while standard .gif and .jpg images will work as long as they are clean. Complete image reconstruction is available and in some cases, complete custom creations is available as well at an extra charge. Any digital files created by LG will remain with LG for your exclusive use and are subject to our Privacy/Sharing of information Statment located HERE.

Q. How do I get my Gloves?
A. Gloves are deliverable in a variety of methods from standard freight to expidited delivery. All common carriers such as FedEx, UPS, DHL and more are available as well as International shipping, Customs Services and more. Please contact your sales rep if you have any special shipping needs.

Most of these points are covered in great detail on the GETTING STARTED page.

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Where can I find ... ?

Q. Where can I find a local retailer or Distributor?

A. While our plan is to have a searchable list of retailers and distributors online for you to browse, we currently don't have that portion of the site developed. So your best solution would be to simply call, stop by and ask your local retailers if they carry your favorite LG Logo'd glove or drop us a note and we will provide you with a list of retailers near your zip code.

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Why doesn't ... ?

Q. Why doesn't Footjoy or another glove manufacture build custom logo'd gloves?

A. The truth is, they do to some degree. However, they are bound by the glove's design. Their glove has the hand-back velcro enclosure that limits the space on the glove for marketing or logos to roughly an circular inch, while our Unique Design allows for full color, embroidered designs up to 3.5 inches or silk screened logos as large as the entire hand.


Our design protects this kind of glove construction ensuring that even though we are widely recognized as the most effective branding option available on a Golf product today, Logo Golf Gloves is the only Company in the World than can provide it.

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Who is ... ?

Q. Who is using Logo Golf Gloves?

A. Our customer base is spread across the field from hobbyists that love our glove for the firm fit and club contact to the professionals that rely on our glove for superior contact and club control. Professionals like Mike Dobbyn, Penelope Gebauer, Danny Luirette, Toni Taylor, Dan Shauger and many more. Even Ben Alexander, PGA Instructor of the Year uses our glove!


Golf Courses such as Homestead Golf Resort, Tournaments such as the Michelob Ultra Tournament and Charity Fundraisers like the ESGR's Support our Troops and the Women's Breast Cancer Foundation have found great success in using our gloves.


Corporate users such as Mercedes, Delta Airlines, Budweiser, Coca-cola and many more have all graced the back of our hands.


Colleges, high school and golf instructors have used the gloves as fundraisers, team products and for fan sales.


The question is: Who isn't?

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What is ... ?

Q. What is a Logo Golf Glove?

A. Simply put, a Logo Golf Gloves is a golf glove bearing a corporate, event, product or private logo of some kind. Logo Golf Gloves holds a patent on a glove design creating the space for that logo to be bigger, brighter and more effective than any other product available anywhere on the Planet.


Q. What is the minumum order?

A. On retail items, there is NO minimum order. Wholesale, Custom and Event orders need a minimum of 144 pieces to acheive special pricing. While smaller order volumes as low as 24 - 36 pieces are available, retail pricing applies.


Q. What is the turn-around time?

A. From submission of artwork to delivery is generally about 30 days. Holidays, size of the order and destination all play a significant part in estimating delivery schedules. We recommend a siz week lead to account for the most common variables but in general, 30 - 40 days is standard. Expidited shipping is avaialbe for rush orders via air-freight, shipping rates apply.


Q. What sizes are available?

A. All industry standard sizing: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL and Cadets in Male/Female, Left/Right and Men/Women/Youth.


Q. What is the order size, side, gender, spread policy?

A. A common questions. You CAN spread your order across the available variety of sizes, gender and left/right hand options. In other words, you don't have to order all of one size, side and gender at minumum volumes.


Q. What is "Relfex Golf"?

A. Ah... the rumor is out. Reflex Golf is our new branded line of retail products. Our new Designer line of gloves, our officially licensed College and Pro Sports gloves and Humor gloves will all be sold under this moniker. It's simply a way for us to separate our Custom lines from our Retail lines.


Q. What is the Logo Golf Gloves Warranty Policy?

A. A. Logo Golf Gloves are warrantied for 60 days against any manufacturing defects that would result in failure as a direct result. Do the the infinite variety of golfers and user habits, we do not offer a use warranty period, but if you feel you have a legitimate claim or concern to a premature failure of the glove as a direct result of a manufacturing flaw, contact our support department and we will take a look. No warranty is in effect for logos or designs that were discovered to be incorrect after the final artwork approval by the customers either directly or indirectly.

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When is ... ?

Q. When is Logo Golf Gloves, LLC going to go Public or take Investors?

A. LOL! As of right now, there are no plan on taking LGG, LLC public. Although it's a nice though. Thanks for the question!


Q. When is my question that I submitted going to show up in the FAQ database?

A. On average, it takes about 24 hours to show up. So ask away!

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