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Completing our 2007 Season, Logo Golf Gloves has grown exponentially in market share, visibility products, professional and private usage, celebrity endorsements and more. It seems fitting that along with our new market image, that a new website is in order.

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The next advancement in Golf Glove technology!

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NEW for 2008. LG Golf announces its new line of privately branded gloves, REFLEX GOLF.


The Reflex Golf line will carry and manage our full selection of College, Professional Sports, NASCAR, Alternative designs, Humor and other retail based products.


Look for some great new Reflex Golf products January 1, 2008!

Contact, Grip, Control. These are the reasons a superior golf glove improves your game. Whether your game is Golf or Marketing, the LG Glove provides the best visual and physical contact, engages the club and viewers while enabling control of your path.


  • Highest Quality Cabretta Leather: Built to suit, with your logo clearly set on the back of the hand.
  • Superior Fit and Feel: Our Unique design creates added wrist support and keeps the glove from twisting or bunching on your hand.
  • Many Construction Options: From full Cabretta to cabretta/synthetic or other cutting edge materials and colors. Versatility.
  • Professional Images: Triple inspected artwork fabrication ensures a perfect image BEFORE we even go into production.
  • Superior Golf Marketing: For advertising, marketing, event branding, VIP handouts, tee prizes, reminders or product branding.
    • easily convert your image to artwork. We do all conversion in house and provide you with a proof.
    • easily send your files. Standard .gif. jpg files above 300 dpi, vectored graphics and more.
    • easily manage the images. Editing, replacing or managing your image is as easy as a phone call or email.
    • easily produce your gloves. Once proofs are approved, we immediately assemble your order directly off of the master.
    • easily build your virtual order! Coming Soon, an online and kiosk based virtual design tool allowing you to build and see your glove before it goes into production. Check back for ongoing details on this amazing new development.
    • Flexibility in Volume: create as many gloves as you need
      • virtually unlimited production capability.
      • low initial volume requirements, low volume discounts.
      • mix-n-match sizing allowed.
    • Full Color Embroidery: embroidery costs included in your quote, no extra per stitch or per color charges.
    • Silk Screening Available: used for logo, icons, copyrighted or theme image for quick, easy one time or low volume orders.
    • Variety of Colors: while white continues to be the industry standard, alternative colors are all the rage. From black to the rainbow, we've got you covered.
    • Flexible Shipping: direct shipping, drop shipping, distribution... no problem.


  • REFLEX GOLF - NEW for 2008 - Our new line of branded Glove Products to include College, Professional Sports, NASCAR, PGA/LPGA, Alternative and other products demanded by our customers.